Lock Management


Do not worry any more if you leave the door open or uninsured.

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enControl allows you to improve your security with complete control and total visibility over all access points to your home. enControl also works with smart locks, this will let you know who came in and at what time.

And if I leave the keys in the house, use the mobile to enter


Security Codes for Each User


With enControl you can assign unique access keys for each family member, visitors, cleaning person and receive alerts whenever one of them opens and closes a door.

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Establish rules and keys to allow some users to only access home for specific periods (days and hours) – example, the key assigned to the cleaning person will only work during weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm – And you can disable this key at any time.

You can create user-specific rules – for example, the security system will be disarmed if and only if specific keys are used to unlock a lock and open a door.


Remote Control


With enControl you can carry out all the security management of your house remotely

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Through the mobile application you can lock and unlock main doors, rooms, garage, etc.

You can check the condition of doors, windows, drawers, cabinets, strong boxes, etc.




In presence, if the house is left alone and you forget to arm the system, the platform will send you a message notifying you of the failure.


You will be able to configure notifications of your preference that will allow you to know only what interests you, for example if the children have not arrived home at the usual time or know if your pet has moved from one place to another.