Automatically lock the doors, you can configure the service to lock doors seconds after everyone has left the house.


Seamless operation

enControl manages all the key devices in your home, allowing you the centralized control and automation that other solutions on the market cannot. enControl is a platform of intelligent services that allows you to keep your home connected – giving you access to advanced control and facilitates a better understanding of the state of your home.

Automated Control

The enControl rules manager allows you to exercise more precise control of your home. enControl will work one way on weekdays when you are at work or otherwise when it is weekend, enControl is so flexible that it will allow you to manage your home when children arrive from school, example will lock the main lock or turn on the heating to make them more comfortable.

Adaptive learning

The real value of a smart home is beyond having automated lights, or that control a remote heating, in Control manages the data captured by the sensors and puts them to work together, making your home an ecosystem that learns and is Adapts to your needs.

Multisensor Learning
Many market solutions capture data from a single sensor type, whether security, movement, temperature, etc., to interpret their habits and preferences, enControl takes information from all types of sensors installed in your home and crosses to obtain records More elaborate of their behavior and thus be optimized to better meet their needs.

Consumption Prediction
With enControl you no longer need to guess consumption, using consumption patterns captured in your home in Control allows you to create scenarios by adjusting variables such as temperature for modeling.

Instant Alerts

enControl will allow you to have the information when you really need it, if you require it enControl will arm itself in the desired days and hours and send you notifications, photos and video when motion is detected or a door or window is opened when you are not.

Sensor Linkage

enControl will allow you to configure the operation of the devices together, this way you will work less but you will achieve better results in the management of comfort, safety and energy.

Simplified triggers

enControl offers you a better quality of life, our rules engine helps you simplify your daily routine and put your home to work for you. The rule configurator allows you to group multiple actions into one to control lights, sensors, cameras, locks and thermostat in a harmonized way. For example, when a window stays open for a long time, enControl will adjust the levels of your climate system (air conditioning or heating), or when there are no people in an area of the house in Control turn off the lights for you.