enControl offers a series of interactive services designed to improve the performance of your company, be it a shop, an office, an office, etc. You can centrally manage as many locations as you want. Through an interface (Web or App) you can perform the integrated management of security, climate control and energy use. With enControl you will keep your business safe, have instant visibility into the main operational activities, and more efficiently manage your energy costs.


Interactive security 24h

Protect your business with a 24×7 monitoring solution.

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enControl was designed to guarantee the integrity of your company, enControl’s advanced security features keep your company protected against intrusion, manipulation and incidents, you can keep control of your company’s security, make videos, configure alarms, monitor the Access to visitors and employees from anywhere 24 hours.

• Create the operating rules that best fit your needs
• Arm and disarm the system remotely.
• Order video or photos on demand.
• Schedule the platform to make videos during peak hours.
• Authorize different users
• Establish automated assembly schedules for each day of the week.
• Manage multiple sites in a centralized control panel.

Enhanced management

Keep up-to-date on key issues about the operation, activities and receive alerts in real time.

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enControl makes it easy to monitor your company’s activities, whether in one or multiple locations, even when you are not present. Through customizable alerts you can instantly see if your company opened on time, find out who disarmed the security system, get images sent to your phone if someone access a restricted area, know if the air conditioner settings have been changed or the Heating and if this will make you spend more on energy, know if lights have been left on, if people remain out of working hours, etc.

• Check the status of the system remotely to see if it is armed or disarmed.
• See who armed or disarmed the system.
• Get a no-presence alert if the business does not open on time.
• Monitor the daily or weekly trends of opening and closing activity.
• Receive alerts for excess energy consumption
• Get alerts for reconfiguration of routines or use of sensors

Energy management & consumer monitoring

Manage lights, air conditioners, radiators, locks and equipment remotely or programmed…

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The energy management and automation services offered by enControl in your company help reduce energy waste automatically and improve the control of responsibility on your visitors through lighting programs and actions triggers such as increase the intensity of the lights Depending on the time of day, or improve the comfort of customers according to the season of the year. Connecting lights, locks and thermostats to the security system ensures that your business is comfortable when open and secure when closed.

• Control your thermostat automatically and from anywhere, making sure your business is always the right temperature.
• Schedule lighting to keep your business safe and well lit, reducing liability risk.
• Be informed when the thermostat setting is changed or the room door is left open to control the temperature and reduce waste.
• Automatic thermostat settings to make sure no energy is wasted when the store is closed.
• Increase your bottom line with daily energy monitoring – see where you are using more energy and find the opportunities for the biggest savings impact.

Monitoring through video

See what happens in your company, from anywhere and at any time.

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HD Video Stored or Real Time

View the most important activities of your company. By viewing a single site or multiple sites, and live streaming and recorded video, it is easy to monitor key aspects of your business when you cannot be there.

• Make sure everything is clean and tidy both inside and out.
• Manage multiple locations and see what is happening throughout your business.
• Maintain a permanent view of the most sensitive areas.
• Request live streaming
• Automatically records 3 minute videos showing what happens in an alarm event and use it for loss prevention.
• enControl allows you to download specific videos 24/7, with this you can watch anytime or easily email recorded clips.
• Supports Foscam’s best commercial grade cameras with up to 12 cameras per sight.

Reliable and secure

Unlike traditional CCTV / DVR video surveillance systems, enControl is hosted outside of your local storage in the Microsoft cloud, and cannot be disabled by employees or damaged if your business experiences a fire or flood. enControl is monitored 24/7 by our performance engineers to make sure your system is always working properly. We will notify you if a camera is disconnected or if a power supply fails.

Local Storage & In the Microsoft Cloud

Unlike traditional DVRs, which can be complex and expensive to install and maintain, enControl’s commercial grade video service is a professionally hosted cloud-based service, making it easy to start with a location and add others at any time. Just download the application, and you’re done.

• Backed by the Microsoft cloud
• Immediate scalability with infinite capacity
• The highest security and reliability in the market
• The highest availability in the market