Finally a solution that will allow you to save energy without sacrifices efforts sacrifices


Energy Efficiency


The enControl Power Management features help you to interconnect all the existing devices in your home allowing you to manage them comfortably while saving energy (electricity or gas).

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enControl facilitates the control of boilers, radiators, air conditioners, lights and appliances in a single application, and receive instant alerts when they have been turned on or when their consumption is above normal.

enControl ensures you get significant savings with an energy management solution that combines easy-to-use automation, presence and motion-based optimization, intelligent learning, and usage rule setup.


Thermostat Virtualization


enControl offers a virtual thermostat that eliminates estimates when we try to save energy, and allows your home to work for you, enControl will propose the best configuration based on your location, activity, number of people present and even future weather conditions.


Smart Control

All in one

enControl will allow the integration of all the devices in your home, so all actions will respond to your daily routine, enControl will help you orchestrate the operation of everything for example that the washer or dryer are turned on at the times that the price of energy is more economical.

Intelligent Scheduler

It will allow you to program on and off lights, stoves, boilers, air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, etc., in the days and hours of greatest convenience.

Total Control

No matter where you are, you can adjust your boiler, radiators, and lights and turn appliances on/off or move to automatic mode for additional savings.

Smart Lighting

enControl allows you to adjust the operation of the lights in an automated way, the lights can be turned on or off depending on whether there are people indoors, depending on the time of day, depending on sun rise or set, depending if you are off on vacation and thus reduce consumption.


Palpable Results


With enControl you can have a real view of your energy consumption.

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You can see where you are consuming more energy and can make the necessary changes to improve performance and minimize the negative impacts on your bill. enControl will also be able to perform consumption forecasts and provide you with reports so that you keep track of the results of these changes in your energy consumption and the costs you will save with these developments.