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We are continuously improving our home automation and office automation services platform. As a growing company, we are always open to partnerships with companies that share our vision and can offer new ideas and perspectives to further improve our products and services.

We are always open to alliances that help develop, manufacture or distribute (including private labeling our products) automation solutions for homes, buildings and businesses. Based on the innovative products and services we are currently developing, opportunities exist for partnership and co-venture for the sectors of climate control, security, energy, construction, telecommunications, etc.


Energy Service

Take advantage of our simple and modular meters to collect real-time interval consumption data and perform sub-measurements even for each device. Then use our powerful monitoring and analysis tools to help identify energy optimization opportunities and make the right decisions to reduce energy use for your customers.

Telecommunications (Fixed line, Internet access, Mobiles, Cable TV, etc.)

Provide new and exciting solutions to your customers in homes and offices, such as: automated climate control (boilers, radiators, A / C, etc.), security, access control, videos, energy management (consumptions, alarms and predictions) Control ON / OFF (lights, equipment, appliances, etc.), all through a single access point.

Realty & Facility Management Companies

Offer your customers a complete solution to manage multiple properties from a central location with a power control panel, powerful analysis and visualization tools. Offering new and interesting solutions to integrate home security, energy management, media and telemedicine through a single access point.

Construction & Development Companies

Differentiate and improve your new properties with our Smart Home solutions, complement your eco-friendly and energy-saving designs by offering your tenants and customers an integrated suite of Climate Management, Security, Energy Management and Automation solutions.

Retail & Distribution

Expand your offer to your customers, propose modern and innovative solutions that stand out from your competition, offer solutions to your customers that help you improve the quality of life while generating income for you.

Services & System Integrators

Be part of an emerging technology with the ability to connect home appliances with homeowners and businesses for the purpose of monitoring and managing security, energy, and comfort in homes and offices.