enControl ensures total peace of mind

At the moment you need the most you can through mobile to watch video in real time, you can confirm that your loved ones are well and this as many times as necessary.

Now with enControl it is easy to verify if the children have arrived home and what they are doing while you have not arrived, you will also be able to follow those older people that you love so much, to your pets and valuables, in addition to occurring an incident you will receive messages in your mobile at the moment and 24h of the day.

You can keep historical information of the incidences, when an alarm is generated the platform will take photos automatically, if you want you can also activate the camera from the mobile to save any desired image, in both cases the photos will be saved in the cloud so you can Look at them or retrieve them at any time.


Real time video

See what is happening anywhere in your home through your mobile, tablet or computer and at any time.


Use your smartphone to watch live video while off your property.


Video in high definition HD, will allow you a perfect view of what is happening.


enControl allows you to integrate other existing IP cameras into your old security system.


See on the screen of your mobile everything that is happening inside and outside your home.


View from your mobile phone the different locations of your interest, your main house, your vacation home, your parents’ house.


Video Alerts

You can set video alerts that suit you best, for days, hours, when you detect movement in an area, when you detect that a door or window is opened, when flood or fire is detected, etc.

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This functionality will allow you to receive notifications on your mobile and see what is happening in your house at that precise moment.

• A car stops at the driveway
• The front door opens or motion is detected in the living room
• A package is delivered to your home
• When an alarm is triggered


Smart Snap

The powerful rules engine in enControl allows you to extend the range of possible scenarios, you will not be limited to the default configurations offered by the platform, you can also create rules that fit your preferences, such as:

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• When you are at home, videos that may affect your privacy are not generated
• Scheduler or task scheduler, you can record at specific slots and not only when an example event happens when children are snacking.
• Activate the Pre and Post alarm functionality, this functionality ensures that recording a major incident will not be erased.


Video Recording

enControl allows you to capture video 24/7 with high definition, through 2 simple steps you can store (download) your videos locally computer or directly to your mobile phone.

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The video monitoring service will be enhanced with the addition of a high performance continuous recording solution. The new functionality will capture 24×7 of what happens on a property and provides streaming and video-based access to the cloud from anywhere.

• 24/7 video recording
• Remote access from any mobile, Tablet or PC
• High Definition Capture
• Optimized bandwidth

This solution is operated through an exclusive optimized bandwidth services architecture that ensures that your Internet connection does not degrade.


Capture Photos


enControl will allow you to take photographs at any time, through these captures you can have control of all the sites of your house 24h, you can also use security sensors throughout the house to intelligently capture the activities that matter, such as When a door is opened, when there is movement, if a window is opened.

With enControl it is easy to catch up on what has happened. enControl lets you keep a saved photo album where you can check exactly what happened, the date and the time. Since the photos are triggered by type of incident, you can look for them in the same way example stealing, fire, flood, etc.