Product Information

The SC-GZ80x Gateway makes every home smart by using advanced technology to hide the complexity of home networks. It connects to any electrical outlet in the home and automatically communicates with all connected devices in the house, connecting them to the cloud so that users can control them using mobile phones, tablets or PCs, at home or while away from it.

SC-GZ80x is the new brain of the smart and connected home. It provides real value to users and service providers.

It is compatible with different communication standards such as Z-Wave, RF 433MHz, Wifi, IP, Ethernet.

Functional features

    • Controller for all home sensors.

    • Provide local and remote management for home.

    • Remote control from anywhere using mobile device, tablet or PC.

    • Rule creator to perform automatic actions when an event occurs.

    • Provides the following applications:

                            Protection and security


                             Air conditioning

                              Irrigation Acceso

                                       video monitoring


    • Energy metering

    • ethernet connection

    • Wifi 802.11n compatible.

    • Puerto USB 2.0

    • DC5V power supply.